Reclaiming the Homestead: Our Path to Homestead Ownership

Reclaiming the Homestead: Our Path to Homestead Ownership

Homestead law is set by the federal government and mandated by state law. It allows homeowners to use their principal residence as a hedge against rising local taxes. It also provides homeowners.

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Florida Homestead Law. Florida homestead law protects a Florida resident’s primary home from levy and execution by their judgment creditors through Article X, Section 4 of the Florida Constitution and asset protection planning.Due to Florida homestead exemption laws, a judgment creditor cannot force the sale of your home to satisfy a money judgment.

However, if there has been a change of ownership or a change of primary residence, then the homestead exemption is no longer valid.” A change in ownership also includes the death of an owner or the.

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The removal of one of the joint owners from the ownership of property receiving a homestead exemption constitutes a change in ownership so as to require the property in its entirety to be reassessed at just value as of January 1 of the following year unless such a change falls within one of the exceptions prescribed by statute. Such exceptions.

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The homestead "ownership" requirement under the Florida Constitution does not restrict the type of property ownership; therefore, a life tenant can qualify for the homestead creditor exemption with his or her life estate. 45 T he Florida Supreme Court in Aetna Ins. Co. v. Lagasse, 223 So. 2d 727 (Fla. 1969), held that remainder interests.

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